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Cama 03-11-2019 03:05 PM

Spring 2019
Spring is here.
The event will start on March 7th until March 20th.

For year 2019, we're launching a traditional Spring event with a new twist.

This year, the following changes will take place:
You can seed in 3 locations: Fragotown, Eastern Tract & Northern Mountains.

Leyla sells items in exchange for flowers.

There will be a new additional item in the game called 'Stinking Poison'.
It works in the Northern Mountains only, and you can destroy any plantings with the "Stinking Poison" after which you will receive 'Poisoned Flower' instead, which can be exchanged for 'Fire crystal' at Leyla. The price for 'Stinking Poison' in the shop is 3000 emeralds.

The snow will melt with the beginning of the Spring Festival!

Have fun

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