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Karma 02-28-2013 10:25 AM

Bugfix Updates
Bugfix update 23.06

With today's update following problems are gone:

- Pet items stealing
- Pet damage display
- Resource transfer from bag to bank etc.

Karma 02-28-2013 10:25 AM

Update 02.07.2010

- Pathfinding feature now works just perfect
- Chests of winners, crafting chests and so on now will never be empty
- Mob freezing problem fixed
- New characteristic increasing potions for pets were added. You can buy them in Shops and from Famouse traders.
- Items that arrive to post after being pounced now remain in post for 6 months.
- Person selection form load speeded up.
- Fixed the bug that allowed pets to get extra hogh damage.
- Fixed bug that caused teleportation problems from time to time.
- Fixed some client problems.

Karma 02-28-2013 10:27 AM

Update 18.06.2010

- Fixed several resurrection problems.
- Now you can buy upgraded items from Famous Merchant according to your level correctly.
- Fixed quick action panel cooldown problem.
- Pathfinding problem fixed.
Also fixed lots of technical problems deep inside server program. That would make game work much more stable and fast.
- Mykola the Proud will not disappear anymore.
- Magic Shield ability is deactivated until we fix it.

Karma 02-28-2013 10:30 AM

Update 15.10.2010

In this update, we have fixed some problems raised from the 3.7 update and added new features as well

Issues that are fixed:
Game will be much more stable
Loot items will have stats
Some abilities are fixed
Transfer scrolls are fixed

New changes:
Hammers, Healer class's weapons are changed/modified to WANDs now

PS: Due to a problem, we currently disabled all in-game pastures and loot will be fixed within hours..Pls be patient ... Thank you for your understanding

Karma 02-28-2013 10:32 AM

Update 27.10. 2010


1. Fixed error that caused item drop to bag when repairing.
2. You can follow friendly character by targeting him.
3. Fixed chat-menu for characters.
4. Target's death removes it from target.
5. Errors of guild list, friend list and so on fixed.
6. You can target yourself by clicking own avatar.
7. Fixed variable mode switching errors.

Karma 02-28-2013 10:40 AM

Post Spring Festival Bug fixing update 16.03.2011

Dear Players

The reason of two critical bugs, Server crashing and lags with flowers, are found.

Therefore, tomorrow night the fix will be uploaded into the game during the server restart along with some other fixes.
At that time, the server will be down for 20-30 min more than the duration of usual restart.

Hoping the issues with Rolly polly will be fixed by then

Thank you

Genius Mind
EN Fragoria Team

Karma 02-28-2013 10:47 AM

List of Corrections 24.03.11

A small patch will be installed within days

It includes the following corrections

1. Re-coded mechanics of flowers. Now they don't cause game lags and freezes.
2. Everyone who had event pets (like bird and antelope) but because of bug lost the achievement - now have the achievement.
3. Added Chests section to auction.
4. Any upgraded item now required entering DELETE word when being thrown.
5. Archer's ability "Lethal shot" was redesigned. It requires less mana, has shorter cooldown and deals damage depending on attack power; still can be used only when target has 20% HP or less.
6. Fixed problem that caused pet disappearance.
7. Tanner's resources are now correctly counted for corresponding achievements.
8. Now you can show up to 3 items in 1 chat message again.

Arise Fragoria..

Fragoria Team

Karma 02-28-2013 11:51 AM

4th July 2011 Update

3.2.14686 update information

- Client-server data exchange optimized; that increased exchange speed, client load decreased by 60-70%. That leads to better client performance in massive battles and overall performance.

- Old ammunition receipts were removed from game.

- Error that broke chat message sending (Alt button error) is fixed.

- Error that caused picture disappearance in character form is fixed.

- "Ice wall" spell is fixed.

- In Carawan Way gold isn't dropped any more when character dies.

- Fixed chat errors connected with special symbols in characters' nicknames.

- You can't pick up Idol when you have "Bless of gods"

- Error that caused character evacuation from Sanctuary to wrong locations is fixed.

3.2.14700 update information

- Fixed Errors in showing group members on mini map
- Fixed Errors in showing some quest NPC on mini map
- Clients instability is fixed

3.2.14701 Update information

- Fixed SHIFT and Ctrl button associated shortkey problems

Fragoria Team

Karma 02-28-2013 12:03 PM

Wallet Items, Royal Feuds, NPC
Update 06.08.2011

There will be an Update today will take approximately 1 hour.

It will involve:

- You can purchase items that level is higher than your own in My Wallet

- Fixed spectators at Royal Feuds - they will not be visible and you will not be able to target them

- Guilds and flags in Royal Feuds will be shown correctly

- NPC "Observer" will be temporary disabled until we fix long waiting time on moving to Feuds location

Karma 02-28-2013 12:04 PM

Item Bonuses, Chat, Castle Games
Update 11.08.2011

There is an update scheduled for the coming server restart:

1. The mechanisms of item bonuses will be fixed. The bonuses will work even if present in multiple items.

2. Announcement chat channel system will be applied. You will only see messages from your own server when at cross-server locations, and you will be able to write to another server character via private messages only.

3. Efficiency system will be fixed for Royal Feuds game (Castle-2).

4. When resurrecting in Castle game, you will now resurrect with full HP and mana.

5. Achievements for both Castle and Royal Feuds will be fixed.

6. "Phantom" bug will be fixed - you willl no longer target dead players in Carawan Way.

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