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quester 02-09-2016 10:41 PM

tanks are the real killers in this game
Hi, I think the tanks in the game are too strong. When a tank 94er has all protective jewels that dragons dont hit them anymore (have seen it in the combat log). The strongest attack makes maybe 20k-25k damage to the tank, with a life of more then 600k hp you need more than 20 hits. During this time you will more than once killed by the tanks sandstorm. Whether with or without pet no other class can win in 1 on 1. Everyone fighting in the arena, knows what I mean. i know of no other game where an tank make such an damage !

What do you think about it ?

quester 04-06-2016 02:12 AM

wow... next update for the "weak" tanks :confused:....30% chance to give the damage in next hit retoure ..... why not 50% or 100% :-D ..... only one thing to say ...Fragoria over and out :cool:

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