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Karma 02-27-2013 01:13 PM


Beast master creates everything for pets: keys, cocoons of certain pets, food, Veles potion, slot opening potions and many other things.

The skill can be obtained (studying) by visiting the corresponding NPCs in Fragoville (Green Recipes), Fragotown (blue and yellow recipes), and Frost Town (purple recipes). Furthermore, you can obtain the skill directly from your character characteristics page (on bottom right of the skills page):

Character Characteristic -> Skills-> Learn Profession.

To create recipes you need to have resources of Tanner, Magician, Forest ranger and Ore miner.
To create recipes you need to have following resources and recipes:

Green resources
can be found in Middle and Western Lands. NPC with green recipes can be found in Fragoville.

Blue resources can be found in Sea Forest, Northern Mountains, Frost town, Frost Plato and also green caves. NPC with blue recipes are City of Fragotown.

Gold resources are present in all red caves. The NPC with yellow recipes is in the City of Fragotown.

NPC with purple recipes are in Frost town. Purple resources are located in carawan way. To receive Dragon Tears, you need to find Dragon mustard in Northern Mountain. Coordinates: [78/-68]

Karma 02-27-2013 01:16 PM

Beastmaster Daily Quests

* To receive skill books and therefore increase skill lvl

From Trainee Beastmaster:

Quest: Missing tools of Beastmaster
Location: Middle land
Reward: Green beastermaster skill book

From Apprentice Beastmaster:

Quest: Mission for Apprentice: Wool Leaf
Location: Sea Forest: West end of Milly area
Reward: Blue beastermaster skill book

From Handworker Beastmaster:

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Claw of Bear of Frost Town
Location: Frost town: -6/ -173
Reward: Gold beastermaster skill book

From Craftman Beastmaster:

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Ancient Script
Location: Carawan Way ( North Area)
Reward: Purple Alchemist skill book

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