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Karma 02-27-2013 01:21 PM


* Recipe crafting Profession
* Can create shirts, set of usual arrows, Character skill books
* Recipe ingredients mostly from Miner's resources and Tanner's resources.

How to take...

Character profile --> Skills ---> Learn Profession
Go to the NPC Ore Miner and Witcher in Fragoville ... Click on him - Study skills -- Witcher, Trainee

How to advance in the profession..

4 skills of Wicher's profession

For Trainee skill: NPC in fragoville
For Apprentice skill: NPC IN Fragotown
For Handworker skill: NPC in Craftman union store in fragotown
For Craftman skill: NPC in frost town

Daily quest is given by the corresponding skill or lvl of the professional NPC, therefore a skill book will be rewarded from the quest. Once you receive the book, double click on it and your skill point will increase by 1.
Ex. if you are trainee, daily quests will be given by Fragoville Wicher

Furthermore, Witcher in Fragotown Craftmen union store, also gives you a special daily quest for collecting special resource item
needed by witchers called Witcher's Totem

Karma 02-27-2013 01:23 PM

Karma 02-27-2013 01:28 PM

The daily quests will appear 24 hours after you submit them :

1. Special resource quest from Wichter in Craftman's union store for the colloection of Witcher's totem
Quest: To collect 3 Northern Ash
Location: Norhthern Mountain, on its left border
Reward: Witcher's Totem x5

2. Daily quests to recieve skill books from the corresponding Witcher

Fragoville WitcherTrainee daily quest

Missing Tools of Witchers
Location: Middle land, Riverband
Reward: Green Wichter's trainee skill book

Fragotown Witcher's Apprentice daily quest
Quest: Collect Dream Herb
Location: Sea Forest just above Milly
Reward: Blue witcher's apprentice skill book

From Handworker Witcher:

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Claw of Bear of Frost Town
Frost town: -6/ -173
Reward: Gold witcher skill book

From Craftman Alchemist:

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Ancient Script
Carawan Way ( North Area)
Reward: Purple Alchemist skill book

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