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Bansidhe 08-23-2016 04:28 PM

Ice or Fire sorcerer ?
I'm new and not near there yet but reading wiki and learning :)

Looking at them ice has more crowd control,but reading wiki fire seems to have much more damage!

I was leaning towards Ice,but don't want to be ineffective at higher levels,can someone in the know tell me the pros and cons of each please ?

EkNa 08-26-2016 12:05 AM

That is an excellent question, it's been asked in many ways. If you talk to someone with fire speller as their main character, and another with an ice speller as their main, you will find each loves their own class. The reason for that is each class can be powerful if built properly, so using the correct item bonuses that compliment that class, and upgrading will play important roles, if not the sole important roles in pvp (damage absorption, damage absorption, damage absorption).

Having said that... I believe fire spellers are easier to build for first-time play. Ice spellers require developed items to be exceptional... but wow, when you meet a good one, they are amazing.

Keep in mind that if a group is composed fully of fire spellers, they will have many problems and weaknesses as well. Make friends, so your pool of allies is of mixed classes :) Also, because of the above, you'll meet more fire spellers than ice perhaps by that reasoning, it might be a good idea to make an ice speller for your group. Balance is good in this game, but then of course we go into another topic of whether you will be alone or ingroup for most of your gameplay.

However, I will add that what you said about crowd control and damage is somewhat true. Ice spellers have a very valuable mana spell that is highly desired by many other classes in group battles, and they seem to have alot of mana. Although fire spellers will have higher damage, ice spellers have nice damage as well if you build up Intellect. Fire spellers have this crazy suicide fire spell that burns everything within radius, but requires a healer in your group to keep from dying quickly in most cases. Without a mana provider, low-level fire spellers will run out of mana quickly and be incapacitated. As you upgrade your items more to +11 and +12, relative ice speller damage increases significantly because fire is often a built up resistance among most opponents (because dragons are partly fire damage). Furthermore the mana problem fire spellers had will disappear because your intellect will be high. Anyway...the point is that dynamics change dramatically based on your item upgrades.

Lastly, if you wish to do your own self study, keep playing Kikimora game at level 70 before making the changes you wish for your character. Look at characters that win top places, and that are ice/fire spellers to see how they make their characters. It's true you might be weak for a while, but you'll see research and study is important because you won't be changing your end-of-game gears often in your Fragoria career. Another place to observe awesome characters is Caravan way and other cross-server locations.

This thread will remain open, and answers from actual ice/fire spellers will probably provide more insight (I am an archer).

Good Luck

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