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Karma 08-26-2015 02:00 PM

Alliance Reset
Dear Players !

Tomorrow after restart all alliances will be reset.

Which means :
  • all defensive buildings for all alliances will be deleted
  • all resources/badges/gold stored in alliances will be deleted
  • all alliances will get same amount of resources/badges/gold based on alliance level

Level 1 alliance will get :

  • 30k gold
  • 30k purple badges
  • 3k of each purple resource
  • 1,5k of each Hyperborea resource

For example, who had level 10 alliance before reset they will get:

  • 300k gold
  • 300k purple badges
  • 30k of each purple resource
  • 15k of each Hyperborea resource

So that will give us new start where we do not depend on old bugs etc

Moreover, tomorrow mechanics of alliances chests wil be back to where it was - you don't get chests if kremlin is destroyed.

Fragoria US Team

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