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Karma 04-25-2013 01:56 PM

Special Madness Event : The Madness ( Apr 30 - June 3)
The craziness will come in our world in 4 days ...


On Monday, April 29, we begin five weeks of MADNESS.
Get as many points as you can by collecting straps on cross-server locations!
Every Monday, we will check results for the previous week,
and if you are in the top 10 of this MADNESS event -
you will receive a sweet amount of Crimson Gems - up to 10,000!

Straps collected during each specified week frame on cross server locations will count

Sanctuary is not a cross-server location so straps collected there don't count.

Cross-server locations are:
Carawan way (Excluding sanctuary)
Mini-games ( PvP, PvE-PvP/(Epic) )
Cross server dungeons ( Night Gates and Prison of Ancient Gods) .

Also, during event time, all NPC traders will exchange straps for a moderate amount of gold!
One strap will give you around 1.6 gold.

Different Mililary rank straps will give different amount of points.

Strap level Military RankPoint Value
0 Civilian 1
1 Private 1
2 corporal 4
3 lance sergeant 7
4 sergeant10
5 staff sergeant13
6 foreman16
7 Warrant Officer19
8 Junior Warrant Officer22
9 Senior Warrant Officer25
10 Second Lieutenant28
11 First Lieutenant33
12 Captain38
13 Major43
14 Lieutenant Colonel48
15 Colonel53
16 Major General58
17 Lieutenant General63
18 General68
19 Army General73
20Field Marshal78

Enjoy !
Fragoria EU Team

Karma 04-29-2013 09:35 AM


We apologize for the delayed start of the event ...Tonight with a quick update we will fix the problem with collecting straps in group.

Event will start tomorrow ( 30 Apr) with server restart,
but any straps collected after midnight tonight will count.

  • Duration: 5 weeks from 30th April till 3rd June
  • Point Calculation: Each week counts from Tuesday - Monday and Calculation (by system) will take place on the following Tuesday at midnight or server restart.
  • Reward: Top 10 Players among all EU servers with highest points receive 10,000 Crimson gems
  • The straps can be sold to any trading NPC during the event for around 1.6 golden coin each (will not affect the system count if they are sold)
  • Straps will drop from victims not more than 5 levels below the character. For example lvl 70 character will receive strap from lvl range 65-90. lvl 90 can collect from lvl 85+ victims.

Fragoria Team

Genius Mind 05-02-2013 03:57 PM

WEEK 1 (30th April -6th May)
--- ENDED ---


PositionName Scores Rewards
1 Executor21 (GR)12787 (10,000 Crimson Gems)
2 * Blue * (GER1)3647 (9,000 Crimson Gems)
3 Szorstki (POL5) 3483(8,000 Crimson Gems)
4 . Tai . (GER1) 3182(7,000 Crimson Gems)
5 * Diablo * (GER3)2135(6,000 Crimson Gems)
6 *xanti (POL6)2108(5,000 Crimson Gems)
7 Humanface* (POL6)2097 (4,000 Crimson Gems)
8 * A 1 * (GER3)2052 (3,000 Crimson Gems)
9 Kwnr (GR1) 2052(2,000 Crimson Gems)
10 Malowana (POL1)1996(1,000 Crimson Gems)


Genius Mind 05-07-2013 03:42 PM

WEEK 2 (7th May - 13th May)
--- ENDED ---

Good Luck!

PositionName Scores Rewards
1 Executor21 (GR1)25514 (10,000 Crimson Gems)
2 T E D D Y (GER2)12194 (9,000 Crimson Gems)
3 * Blue * (GER1)10836(8,000 Crimson Gems)
4 *bep* (POL3) 7562(7,000 Crimson Gems)
5 Nikos11 (GR)7312(6,000 Crimson Gems)
6 Malowana (POL1)6307(5,000 Crimson Gems)
7 H E R O (GER1)3250 (4,000 Crimson Gems)
8 Szorstki (POL5)3112 (3,000 Crimson Gems)
9 Refaim (POL2) 3059(2,000 Crimson Gems)
10 Souly. (GER1)2421(1,000 Crimson Gems)


Genius Mind 05-13-2013 04:00 PM


We are sorry to inform you that the event will end earlier due to several reasons. Therefore tonight will be the last day of 2nd week of the event. 2nd week's top 10 winners will be announced tomorrow.
Exchange any remaining straps before midnight or server restart for the gold. The special rewards by the NPC in exchange of the straps will be disabled after the event is over.

Good luck!
Fragoria Team

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