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Originally Posted by EkNa View Post
Players! There has been an update with the following changes: 1. Bugny potion modified. Minimal price for potion on auction = 15000 emeralds, first use of potion binds it, removed confirmation before use, doubled the damaged to characters and monsters 2. Fixed mobs that stay alive with 0 HP 3. Added Orange rarity to auction search filters 4. Fixed problems with disappearing Cube of madness effect 5. Increased number of Earth gems to 5 per item (now 3) 6. Fixed bonuses for some orange items 7. Changed Arena schedule. Now it will be available from 12:00 to 23:59 on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 8. Reduced amount of arena points required for arena gems starting with 5th by 50% 9. Increased drop chance for Lucky tickets in dungeons -EN Team
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