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The daily quests will appear 24 hours after you submit them :

1. Special resource quest from Wichter in Craftman's union store for the colloection of Witcher's totem
Quest: To collect 3 Northern Ash
Location: Norhthern Mountain, on its left border
Reward: Witcher's Totem x5

2. Daily quests to recieve skill books from the corresponding Witcher

Fragoville WitcherTrainee daily quest

Missing Tools of Witchers
Location: Middle land, Riverband
Reward: Green Wichter's trainee skill book

Fragotown Witcher's Apprentice daily quest
Quest: Collect Dream Herb
Location: Sea Forest just above Milly
Reward: Blue witcher's apprentice skill book

From Handworker Witcher:

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Claw of Bear of Frost Town
Frost town: -6/ -173
Reward: Gold witcher skill book

From Craftman Alchemist:

Quest: Mission for Handworker: Ancient Script
Carawan Way ( North Area)
Reward: Purple Alchemist skill book

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