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Default Update: New Dungeons & Other Fixes!


There will be an update tomorrow morning (around 4:00, 30 minutes).

- Pets will now be born with correct stats (no 10, 12 values).
- Fixed influences for obsidian claws.
- Fixed mana-burning bonus for Obsidian tail.
- Excluded recent victories/defeats rate from Arena matchmaking formula.
- Fixed character's HP issue after resurrection from cross-server locations.
- Fixed amount of stats on items after applying Power of Hero on them.

New Set of Dungeons:
Each dungeon will be copied and have a common entrance (like the Ancient Gods Prison dungeon). In addition to existing dungeons, there will be a super-cross version of each. They have different boss respawn times (9, 15 and 21 CET), and chests with prizes will spawn together with the bosses - some near it, and others at random locations. Also every boss will drop a Building License, that will be used for the upcoming Estate system.

Good Luck!
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