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Default EN Mini-Holy Wars + Running Man's Shadow

Greetings Fragorians!

We would like to have more events for EN server to give you all a chance for
some rewards!
Hopefully, the event will help our EN players experience more PvP, and
experiment in teamwork with different classes!

Mini-Holy War - So, we will be having an event involving the Event
GM(s), and attacking/defending groups - like Holy War, except just in our
home EN server. Basically, you will be assigned a group, and we'll have either
one or multiple battles between different groups. The group that depletes
enemy's Event GM or the group with the most HP on their Event GM wins!

Running Man's Shadow - The next part of the event is PvE and involves
killing a Running Man Event GM. There are no groups here - everyone has the
same task - to kill Event GM as he runs through a PvP map. Here we hope you
can observe how your own attack can compliment the attacks of other
classes during combat!

Hopefully, if you all like it, we can have more in the future!

Good Luck!

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