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Hi EkNA,

Thank you very much for detailed instruction.
I have problem with the step 5 :
I have used IE browser version. 8
STEP 5:Check ActiveX on Internet Explorer browser
(important that this be done on ie).
- Visit this website (only to test): DONE
- If your ActiveX is working properly, you will be prompted to install a plugin.
Indeed plugin has appeared to download so it seems the activex is ok but
- Read the rest of the page to see the results of the test and make sure ActiveX is functioning before you move on.

But on the page I see message Activex is not supported:
''If you see the message ActiveX is not supported, then your browser doesn't recognize ActiveX at all. Netscape, Opera, or other browsers usually do not support ActiveX."I have used IE browser ver 8.

Other info:
Flash adobe installed:You have version 12,0,0,38 installed
Adobe Schokwave Installed 12.0.7 r148

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