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Default Transfering Character to Another Server

This is now possible and the following informations are required:

Information of the Current Character
1) Login of the current account
2) Character Name & Level of the Character
3) Current country / server

Information of the New Character
4) Login of the new account
or re-enter the existing login with the new destination server information
5) Character Name & level of the New Character
6) New country / server (specifying the destination eg. transfer to Poland
- Server PL3

Important : A character must already be created in the new server/country ( Level 1+minimum)

7) Proof of the last three (3) payments (date, amount, method) on the current account.
(Screenshot proof : Among other things, QIWI, Yandex, WebMoney or any other payment method, the payment code / transaction number, date and amount will be required)
The full phone number is also needed when payment via SMS / Phone, to indicate from where the SMS was sent.

Note : It's best to specify all informations for faster processing.

Other requirements are :
a) the character must NOT be in a marriage
b) the character is NOT a Guild Master or Founder
c) the character is NOT an Alliance Master

So, character must not be married, leave guild and must not be on the Super Cross / Cross

Transfer Cost : 2,000,000 emeralds (2kk)

Transfer cost within own server (eg. DE to DE) is 200,000 emeralds (200k).

Both Transfer Cost does NOT include BONUS - Star / Mystery Day Bonus or others

Note : After all informations are available, we will forward it for consideration and inform you about the transfer options.
In case of a positive result, the cost of the service should be made.
This is only possible through a transaction via the listed payment methods.
Emeralds that are received via game or via the auction or similar, can NOT be taken into account Only fresh /newly purchased emeralds will be considered.
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