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Default Boss Changes, Ice Armor, & Other Changes


Update tomorrow 5:00, for 20-30 minutes:

1. Alliance bosses change.
- From now on only 1 boss spawn in alliances - on Sunday, same time
- Sunday boss spawn requires alliance level 8
2. Instead of 1 CW boss - 5 will be spawned. 2 bosses spawn in CW (1 of 10 random positions), 2 in Hyperborea, 1 on the Rage island. All bosses are totally the same, every boss drops 1/2 of current CW boss (meaning 1 book, half of resources and jewels).
3. Characters 60+ will get more HP. Currently all characters have HP=stamina*10. After update on 60+ it will be stamina*14
4. A penalty will be applied for alliance change. When character changes the alliance he loses 50% of all alliance points gained in the previous alliance.
5. Changed Ice Armor mechanics. Now it's an aura, which means it works only on allies that are within 6 cell range from the caster. If several casters affect same character - effect with the highest bonus will be applied

Good Luck!
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