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Default Holiday Sign Event and Random Nightmare Gift Boxes!

Ho Ho... Oh No!

Holiday Sign Event
Someone stole the signs we were going to use to decorate our Christmas tree!

Help us by collecting the following:
100x Green Signs (Sign of Varangian)
100x Blue Signs (Sign of Vigilante)
200x Golden Signs (Sign of Heroes)

Of course, you will be rewarded for your helpful Christmas spirit!

This Christmas Sign Event will start today, and end on December 18th. Therefore, you may use your signs within the time period, as long as by December 18, your net sign gain covers the requirements listed above.

Those who collect all 3 colors will receive 1 augmentation rune and a chance for rare prize.

- Limit 1 participant per player.
- You may use lower leveled characters on the same account.
Random Gift Boxes!
We will also begin Day 1 of the random gift event, so submit an email with a number between 1-10.

Each Gift box may or may not contain same item each day.

Submit all answers via email to:

- Limit 1 email/answer per player.
- Include main character name and the day number on each email submission!
- You must use your character account email in order for answer to count. You may check which email belongs to your account using the following methods:
*Press the "Forgot Password" link, and checking your emails for the email sent by system.
*Ingame, click the SHOP button on bottom left, then "Add Emeralds". The email to your account will be displayed on the browser address.
- Only level 30+ players can participate.
Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

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