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Default Valentine's Day and Updates


The recent update changed some features and added the Valentine's day event:

I. The green (Easy) dungeons will now have upper GS limits:
Savage Den. 13-20 lvl. 2085 GS.
Castle pantry. 24-28 lvl. 3140 GS.
Poison spring. 26-33 lvl. 3440 GS.
Robber camp. 32-38 lvl. 3960 GS.
Underwater temple. 36-43 лвл. lvl. GS.
Red witch's yard. 42-49 lvl. 5106 GS.
Boneyard. 52-58 lvl. 6043 GS.
White worm's lair. 56-63 lvl. 6565 GS.
Winter castle. 56-63 lvl. 6565 GS.
Night gates. 62-71 lvl. 7292 GS.
Bosses in these dungeons will drop binded purple items (with some probability).

II. Event for Valentine's Day!
There are two parts - as in the usual Fragoria tradition, players must make a sacrifice to get a holiday suit. You will be collecting Gifts of Love, just this time they will drop from regular monsters in dungeons, not bosses.
In the second part, male characters must make Cupid's Arrow, and women - Potion of Cupid. To do so you will need to collect special ingredients from a new location - Love Marathon. It has several variants for different level ranges, which you can enter from Vanilla heavens (entrance is in Fragotown).
You will find Phoenixes and Little goats that drop required items.
Also, you need to collect certain amount of oak, which can be done using corresponding tools - axe and chainsaw. Chainsaw requires Hell water to work, but allows you to collect more oak.
Location is populated by aggressive monsters. They can't be killed, only scared with a hot poker.
Tools and poker can be purchased from Love trader with Gifts of love.
Also, you will need a Flower of Love to complete creation of event items. They drop from Love Cards. Other players can send them to you by mail.
When both male and female characters get an event item - male has to shoot an arrow to the lady, and lady has to use potion on the male after that. In this exact order. If gods are happy with that - achievement will be complete and both characters get a toy heart. Otherwise event items disappear, and characters get Flower of love back, but the rest of the things required for the event item - no.
When you collect 3 toy hearts you can purchase wedding rings. The male character should target the lady and click the ring. Afterwards, the lady gets a message that rings will be connected. If she agrees - characters can teleport to each other (There are few exceptions: mini-games, Castle-1, Castle-2). Also, rings don't work for characters from different servers. You can't marry more then 1 character.
Also you can purchase a bear pet.

Event lasts till Feb 29

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