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Default Ifeel cheated! [Resolved]

Hi there, today I just got some Ems and no sooner after that I found myself in a nuts mini game. When it cam time to collect my reward I clicked on the button but it registered twice and i ended up getting one of the em rewards. this cost me 2k ems and I am not happy. The GM said there are no refunds. This is unnacceptable.
For the sake of good customer service I highly recomend not only do they move the default position of the reward window for the minis but that they compensate me my ems.
I will leave this with the powers that be and hope that the company is not out to gouge it's customers.

My character name is Mahaedros and I am on the English server. Please repond asap as i am currently boycotting the game until such time as there is positive movement on this.

Thank you for your time.

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