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Default Method 2: Crafting Pet Food and Exp

[ 2nd Method ]: Crafting

Both pet food and pet experience potions can be crafted. In addition to having the required professions, you will also need the tools to collect the resources necessary for food crafting.

Required Professions

You will need the following professions to craft pet food or pet experience potions:

Crafting Profession: Beastmaster
Resource Collecting Profession 1: Miner
Resource Collecting Profession 2: Forest Ranger

So that's a total of three professions you will need to purchase.

With Beastmaster you are able to purchase this recipe for crafting:

Required Tools:
Tanner Knife

You will need to craft Usual Pet's Meal, Good Pet's Meal, or Great pet's meal for pets food (in order of increasing quality).
For pet experience, you can craft Set of Baby Pet Experience Potion, or Good potion of baby pet's experience.

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