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Default Opening Pet Armor and Weapon Slots

Pet equipment can be viewed in the pet details page, and there are two ways to open that page:

1. If your pet is equipped:
a. Click the icon of an eye, next to your pet, on the top right of your screen.
b. Open your Character Characteristics page (bottom icon of a person), mouse over your pet and press the ctrl button.

2. If your pet is not equipped (in the bank or in your bag):
a. Mouse over the pet and press the ctrl button.

[1] Levels 1-11 of Your Pet's Life

While your pet is between levels 1 and 11 (when it is still a baby), there is a random chance that a pet armor/weapon slot will open.

[2] WARRIOR'S POTION: For Pet Armor/Weapon Slots

As the title suggests, you must use a Warrior's Potion to open pet armor/weapon slots. You can find this item in the "SHOP" by clicking "For pets" in the SHOP interface, and finding the Warrior's Potion (5000 emeralds).

The Warrior's Potion can also be crafted. The recipe is found with the Tanner and Beastmaster NPC in Fragotown (inside Craftsmen Union building). Click the NPC and on the top tab, select the icon of scroll ("Golden Recipes"). Then simply find Warrior's Potion.

[3] Upgrading Pets (Sacrificing)

You can also open pet armor and weapon slots during the pet upgrade process (where you sacrifice one pet to strengthen another). The sacrificed pet, must have a slot open already.
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