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Default Emerald Heat Sept'13

Sept 23rd-27th

Buy 23000 emeralds and place yourself in a draw.
Each time a 23000 emeralds is purchased, a virtual ticket is assigned;
the more emerald packs the more virtual tickets will be assigned.

The draws that will take place on 25th, 26th and 27th Sept.
If you're not lucky on 1st day, don't worry. Your tokens will re-enter on 2nd and 3rd day draws

Some more explanations:
If you purchase 46000 emeralds before 25th Sept you have 2 tickets, each of which takes part in lottery for 10x40000 emeralds prizes. But if after that you purchase another 46000 emeralds you get 2 more tickets, and now you participate in lottery with all 4 tickets! And so on. So the more tickets you have - the better are your chances to win!

25th Sept
10 prizes of 40000 emeralds

26th Sept
10 prizes of 40000 emeralds

27th Sept
1 prize of 1000 000 emeralds
6 prizes of 160 000 emeralds
30 prizes of 40 000 emeralds

Good luck!
Fragoria Team


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