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Default Update: Front-Liners, Item Stats, Power of Earth


There will be an update with the following features:

Front-Liner Update:
1. Agility cap removed
2. Reduced Hail of Arrows cooldown on high levels
3. Evil shot and Accurate Shot now also have a chance to additionally hit up to 3 targets. Damage for each additional target is 50% lower than previous one. Chance depends on character's gearscore.

Other Changes:
1. All two-handed weapons receive 100% more stats. But you will need to reforge.
2. Character with effect of Bugny now can damage buildings and structures.
3. Master of Luck start selling Power of Earth gems. You can get 4 gems for 1 Lucky ticket. Gem can be used to reforge jewelry items of all levels, Mirrored, and Glory items. One gems increases maximum value of stats on item by 7%. Overall you can use 3 gems per item, which means 21% boost can be achieved.

- EN Team
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