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Default Storm Over Europe (23rd February 2013)

Hey to all,

It's back and stronger than ever - it's Storm Over Europe!
The biggest PvP event of Fragoria will now bring alliances to arms!

On February 23 alliances will fight to death.

Alliance Hard will protect sanctuary of Pol5 server.
Platinum and Best of the Best - Pol2.
Vendetta - Ger1.

Special characters (Event GM) will appear in this Sanctuaries with the Idols game launch on February 23. Your task is to protect you Sanctuary and defeat enemies. To win in event you should have the most HP on your Event GM by the end of Idols. If several alliances will have the same value - prize will be divided between them, if all alliances will have the same value - nobody wins.
Prizes will include
- 3000 purple resources
- 10 purple books
- 3 black horses
- 200 black dragon's scales

Prepare for the battle!
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