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Alchemist creates potions. The skill can be obtained (studying) by visiting the corresponding NPCs in Fragoville (Green Recipes), Fragotown (blue and yellow recipes), and Frost Town (purple recipes). Furthermore, you can obtain the skill directly from your character characteristics page (on bottom right of the skills page):

Character Characteristic -> Skills-> Learn Profession.

To create elixirs you need to have resources of Tanner, Magician, Forest ranger and Ore miner.
To create potions, you need to have following resources and recipes:

head col1head col2head col3
Set of ManaWater Spirit x30Plantain x30
Set of Health life spirit x30 Plantain x30
Set of Agility Air spirit x70 Plantain x70
Set of Mobility Water spirit x70 Plantain x70
Set of Stamina Thin Leather x70 Plantain x70
Set of Strength Fire Spirit x70 Plantain x70

[IMG width=80%][/IMG]

Green resources can be found in Middle and Western Lands. NPC with green recipes is found in Fragoville.

Blue resources can be found in Sea Forest, Northern Mountains, Frost town, Frost Plato and also green caves. NPC with blue recipes are City of Fragotown.

Gold resources are present in all red caves. The NPC with yellow recipes is in the City of Fragotown.

NPC with purple recipes are in Frost town. Purple resources are located in carawan way. To receive Philosopher's stone, you need to find Crystal Mercury in Northern Mountain. Coordinates: [-10/-1009]

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