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[5] Visit Southern stronghold
Find Blueforest (Sineborsk) in Southern Stronghold

[3] Visit Western Lands
Find Khrenuki (Hrenyuki) in Western Lands

[2] Visit Seaforest
Find Dense in Seaforest
To get to see forest, leave Fragotown on the northern side,
and travel directly west until you find a dock with a portal.
Enter the portal and it will take you to Western lands.
In Western lands, find the dock that is labelled "Ferry".
Take the Ferry, and in the next map, travel to Silent Hill.
Next take the portal to the right of Silent Hill (next to ocean/river).
The next map is a dock. Proceed to the portal to the right, which is
still on the same dock and you will be in Sea Forest.

[4] Visit Middle lands
Find Parevo in Middle Lands

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