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Default Xmas 2015

'Tis the Season to be Giving

In Holiday spirit, we will have an event designed to give you exp, emeralds,
and other goodies!

Part I: Exp Event
The objective is to level a character from 14 - 40, and the exp will be
transferred to your main character based on a particular formula:

(x amount of exp between 14 - 40) / 2 = Total Experience in Bottles

Any experience you gain outside of that specific level range will not count.
On the last day of the event, you will be entered in a Blue Goat Raffle, and
each character you completed will place your name into the raffle. For
example, if you completed 2x characters, your name will be entered 2x
times into the raffle. The character must be levelled from 14 - 40 in order to
count for the raffle. If you levelled partially (ei. from 14-20, or 14-30), then
you will only receive the equivalent exp in bottles.

The event will start Dec 14, and end on a date announced later on.

There will be a maximum number of characters you may enter.
More details will be posted later.


Part II: Pictures Worth a Thousand Words
Take a screenshot of something in Fragoria with your character in it, that
tells a story. Pictures will be ranked based on the following factors:
1. Meaning
2. Clarity
3. Quality
4. Size

Send to:

Prize: 200k Emeralds

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