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Default Levels 21 - 69

OPTIONAL: Make friends! Join a Guild!
Although this section is optional, you will need friends and other players to share your goals! You will be more successful and earn more prizes for some group events later on in the game.
Understanding How Subscription Games Start
At this level range, you should explore different subscription games (minigames) to see which occur most often at your current level. The two most often-occuring games are:
  1. green "Nuts" at lower levels (select "easy" difficulty)
  2. yellow "Kikimora's Den" at higher levels (select "hard" difficulty)

First, lets understand how minigames start. The following rules apply:
  • If the maximum amount of players join, the game starts immediately.
  • If more than half of the required number of players join, then the game starts after 10 minutes.
Place your mouse over the subscription button after you've joined to see the number of players joined in the queue.
In the example above, it takes 10 players to start the game immediately, and only 6 to start it after 10 minutes. By cancelling and joining a different game, you can see which game is most likely to start.

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