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Default Fixing 2D Fragoria EN Client


Could you please follow these directions step by step, and if problems still occur, please provide a screenshot of the error you receive.

I will address the 2D Client first, please try these directions with your EN (English) Client. Later, the PL client will require some different steps.

1) Uninstall all versions of your 2D Fragoria Flash Client and restart computer.

2) Check and update Adobe Flash on Internet Explorer browser
(important that this be done on ie).
- On ie browser, visit:
- Check to make sure you have latest version.
- If you don't have latest, install it from here:
(Don't forget you must be on internet explorer browser).

3) Check and Update Adobe Shockwave on Internet Explorer browser
(important that this be done on ie).
- Visit this page:
- The page will automatically determine if you need an update for shockwave, and prompt you with installation.

4) Enable ActiveX Updating on Internet Explorer browser
(important that this be done on ie).
Now, with ActiveX, it is supposed to update itself. So the first step is to make sure your browser settings are allowing it to update itself:
- Select Tools, then Internet Options from the menu at the top of the Internet Explorer window. The Internet Options window will appear.
- Select Security from the list of tabs at the top of the Internet Options window. The Security tab will appear.
- Select the Custom Level button. The Security Settings window will appear.
- Scroll down to the Download signed ActiveX controls entry and select the prompt radio button.
- Scroll down to the Run ActiveX controls and plugins entry and select the enabled radio button.
- Select the OK button to accept the changes
You may need to reboot for the settings to stick.

5) Check ActiveX on Internet Explorer browser
(important that this be done on ie).
- Visit this website (only to test):
- If your ActiveX is working properly, you will be prompted to install a plugin.
- Read the rest of the page to see the results of the test and make sure ActiveX is functioning before you move on.

6) Re-download new client and re-install:

7) Update config file:
- Follow the directions here:
(Note: This is ONLY for EN client. Will not work for PL client or any other servers)

8) Test client - Finally, try to open it.
At this step, if client still does not work, it means the auto-update is not working. Take these steps to update the client:
- Inside the client folder (most computers save it to C:/Program Files/Fragoria), delete the following files:

Good Luck!
Feel free to contact me ingame via mail post or forum message.

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