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Default Fragotown Massacre and Ice Terror Feb and March dates 2019

White Sun Event

White Sun Event consists of two parts:
Part I: PvP Fragotown Massacre
Part II: PvE Ice Terror.

Fragotown Massacre will provide a way for players to obtain Golden Beans.
Inspired by the "Ice Terror" from New Year 2015 Event, that map is now available for players to collect Red Stars. Requires 5 characters and at least 1 Herbalist to start.

Iron Patriot NPC will be available till March 3rd.
Part I: Fragotown Massacre
Fragotown Massacre will run according to the following schedule:
23.02.2019 10-00 : 11-00
24.02.2019 11-00 : 12-00
25.02.2019 12-00 : 13-00
26.02.2019 13-00 : 14-00
27.02.2019 14-00 : 15-00
28.02.2019 15-00 : 16-00
01.03.2019 16-00 : 17-00
02.03.2019 17-00 : 18-00
03.03.2019 18-00 : 19-00
Since the beginning of Event Fragosrke (coordinates: -10 / -17) appears NPCs Butcher Zveroed swapping axes for prize chests.
"Hunter" Blue Box
Exchanged for 1 Butcher's Axe:
1x 1st Generation Character Jewel
1x 1st Generation Pet Jewel
1x Gem of Chance
1x Upgrading Gem
1x Golden Bean
"Skinner" Blue Box
Exchanged for 5 Butcher's Axes:
3x 1st Generation Character Jewel
3x 1st Generation Pet Jewel
5x Upgrading Gem
1x Pet Cocoon
1x Monster Transformation Potion
1x Golden Chance Gem
5x Golden Bean
"Butcher" Blue Box
Exchanged for 10 Butcher's Axes:
5x 1st Generation Character Jewel
5x 1st Generation Pet Jewel
1x Pet Cocoon
1x Black Dragon Scale
10x Upgrading Gem
3x Monster Transformation Potion
10x Papyrus
10x Ruby
10x Silk
10x Rhodium
1x Purple Chance Gem
10x Golden Bean

Part II: Ice Terror
Part II of the White Sun event consists of the Ice Terror event map, which is separated into the following level ranges:
Game map consists of 10 rooms, 3 waves of monsters in each.
Minigame Chests
Final chests will exist in 2 variants - Free and 10k Emeralds. In addition to regular items, both will also contain Red Star event item.

Event NPC Iron Patriot in Fragotown will exchange Golden Beans and Red Stars for useful items:
Blue goat
Black crystal
Fire crystal
2-headed dragons scale
Black dragons scale
Crimson chance gem
Experience storage bottles for character and pet

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