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Default Update: Dungeon Aggro, Roulette, and Halloween!


Another update tonight with the following features:
1. Fixed monsters in dungeons (aggression works correctly)
2. Gold of Skyth trader will be present permanently.
3. All Indricks will be unbinded. They will bind again once you put it on.
4. Trader of Fortune now has more items to offer.
5. New mana potions available in Wheel of Fortune. They work quite unusual. One potion has a total of 500.000 mana in it. When you don't have mana and try to use a skill that requires more mana than you have - potion is used automatically from the bag to recover your mana. It will try to give you maximum mana, but not more than 40.000 per use. Also there is a cooldown.

And for tomorrow night:

6. Launching Halloween event.
a. Pumpkins. Spawn scheme - same as Satyrs from Agar's tomb event have. Loot - badges, gold, gold of Skyths.
b. Agar's tomb - regular scheme (Satyrs drop scrolls).
Event will last till November 3rd, 23:59:59

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