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Genius Mind
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Default 4th Dec'14 Herbalist Book, New Arena Rating

Tonight's Update features the following:

- First of all we are introducing all Herbalist books, which means it becomes a ready-to-go class. Also fixed issue with Glory items reforging for Herbalist.

- Second major update is about Arena.
We changed rating system because the first one didn't match our gameplay.
So now instead of 25 levels and stars there will be quite a well-known system.
All players start with 1000 rating points. You get some when you win and lose some when you are defeated - depending on you current rating, opponent etc.
Maximum points is 3000, minimum - 0.
Much easier to understand. Of course we reset rating for all players to 1000, but your arena points stay with you.
Also we introduce arena prizes - gems of Wind dust and Fire dust to make your items parts of this sets.
Wind dust set gives you active ability that can increase your damage and speed, Fire dust is also an active skill that damages your enemies every second during some time, and damage is based on your gearscore.

- New items added in Shop that will help you get more Arena points.

- Other fixes and changes in update:

* Fixed "Enter" behaviour for char and forms
* Changed set-bonus of Glory/Mirrored items of Berserks. Now when having "Dance of death" effect crash damage will depend on difference between berserk's Gearscore and target's Gearscore. So low-gearscore bersekers will not be able to deal overdamage to characters that actually are much stronger.
* Added magical crit chance limi = 50%. Extra percentage (everything over 50) will affect damage of critical hit

Items reforged by Wind dust/Fire dust gems CAN NOT BE UNBINDED
Rating limit
- Characters below level 50 can get maximum 2000
- Below 60 - 2200
- Below 70 - 2400
- Level 70 and up can get up to 3000

Update time 3 am server time ~ 1 hour

Good luck!
Fragoria Team

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