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Default How to Get a Dragon

After playing the game for several hours/days, you first learn about having pets as companion fighters. As you level more in the game, you notice the legendary dragon pets and realize they are the best pet in the game in terms of...well, pretty much everything. Dragons have the best stats, damage, and even appearance, in comparison to all other pets. So you seek out ways to obtain a dragon for yourself.

There are three ways to get a dragon:

[1] Trade with Another Player

Trading for a dragon can only be performed from the auction-house, and emeralds must be used for the transaction. In other words, gold-trading for a dragon has been deactivated in the auction-house, and emeralds remain the only accepted currency for this type of transaction.
Furthermore, the following requirements apply:
To purchase a baby dragon or dragon cocoon (1st generation), the buyer must have 500,000 emeralds for the baby dragon or 100,000 emeralds for the dragon cocoon

Tip:Therefore, it is still possible to purchase a dragon for a lesser amount. So after the main transaction of 100,000, 500,000, or 1,000,000 as detailed above, the rest depends on unofficial agreements made by both parties prior to the main transaction. For example, if you have agreed to purchase a mighty dragon for 700,000 emeralds, then you must first pay the seller 1,000,000 emeralds (main transaction). Then, your seller must return 300,000 as a secondary transaction.

With the above scenario as the only way to trade dragons among players, it is imperative to keep in mind auction taxes you may be subject to. Since two transactions must be performed (unless the agreed price was 1,000,000 or more for the mighty dragon and/or 500,000 or more for the regular dragon), both transaction will be subject to auction taxes, which is substantial considering the amount of emeralds involved.

[2] Hatch a Dragon from Magic Cocoon

The chances of this occurring are extremely small. Several studies performed by different players have shown the probability of hatching a dragon naturally from a magic cocoon is close to 1/500, and may be even lower. The rarity of the occasion has prevented extended studies to definitely prove the probability.

[3] Craft a Dragon from the Dragon Recipe

As you can see below the requirements are rather difficult to obtain:
1) Beastmaster profession must be craftsman (levels 76+).
2) Resources: 2500 x Fire entity, Life entity, Vellun, and Ruby.
3) Profession quest item: 300 x Dragon Tears (from Beastmaster daily quest).

The recipe itself must be purchased in Frost Town, and will cost 80 gold.

Good Luck
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