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Default Update: Spells, Indrick Generations, More Orange Items!

1. Changed controlling spells mechanics. Instead of the current system (where every following effect of stun/silence lasts shorter), these spells will work the following way:
- when character is affected by Silence skill he cannot be silenced by same skill again withing 10 second after the effect is over
- when character is affected by silence from items, pet's items or skills other than the one from the previous point from he cannot be silenced again within 7 second after the effect is over
- when character is affected by skills Shield blow, Interception or Running start strike - same affect cannot be applied to this character within 6 seconds after the effect is over
- if a character gets a stun effect from pet's items he cannot get same effect for 7 seconds after the effect is over

2. Introducing Indrick upgrade. 2x Indricks can be combined using special catalysts (you can get them in shop or via a special daily quest). Improved indrick has a special ability depending on a catalyst that you use. Using such an ability will temporarily decrease a chance that a controlling spell like silence, stun, disarming etc will be applied to you. You can have 2x different buffs from Indricks at the same time, one indrick can only have one buffing skill, but there can be several levels of skills. To improve the skill you need to combine several Indricks of the same type. You can combine Indricks with the help of Dragon farm owner NPC.

3. Increased cooldown for Wedding rings to 120 seconds

4. Added 3 more orange items to the game: pauldrons, pants and cuffs. Then can be obtained and used same way as previous 3 items.

- Wind jewels will be available for Semiprecious protectors as well
- Interception effect duration time increased to 3 seconds
- First set bonus of Semiprecious protector (Shield bash) will have 85% chance and 15 seconds cooldown
- Fixed Mirror blades skill, also fixed values for radius and amount of deflected damage

Good Luck!

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