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Default Massive block (translated)

Due to the recent blocks in the game and the few ways of comunication I think it's necessary to write this.
First of all with this I don't want to criticize anything and anybody.
Some days ago there was a massive blockage of players in certain servers due to the use of an external page where you were given some ''tickets'' to be used in the game, and it seems, as they have admited, such an error was the responsibility of that page.
Now I'll mention Osservatore's post in the Polish forum:
''According to the rules of playing for one account, you could get 1 coupon.'' ''Unfortunately, from reasons unknown to Fragoria, due to incorrect configuration of the promotion, for which the responsibility lies with the Loot Boy website, it was possible to gain a significant amount of coupons and exchange them for free prizes.'' ''However, according to Fragoria's rules, any exploitation of bugs in the game is prohibited - including those that are not the fault of the game code.''
Then I'll quote some rules from the Terms and Conditions of the game:
1.2.10 It is forbidden to exploit bugs and/or errors in the programming for personal gain. Recognized bugs should be reported as quickly as possible by IRC or by e-mail.
5.5 OPERATOR, in the course of informing the USER about such changes, will especially inform the USER about the possibility of objecting to the changes, cancellation of GAMES and/or SERVICES, the set time limit and legal ramifications in the case of failing to submit an objection.
12.6 OPERATOR distances itself explicitly from the contents of any websites to which there are direct or indirect links from OPERATOR sites. OPERATOR does not assume any responsibility for these contents and/or websites. The providers of the respective sites are responsible for their content.
With this I only want to say that the game's rules ban the use of the errors in the programming of the game, but without mention the use of another legal page. I have read many times the Terms and Conditions and the forum from my server and the rule about the use of only 1 code doesn't appear and we wasn't informed about that although moderators knew about the codes, and as it is said in the rule 5.5 in case of changing the rules we must be informed.
Comparing Osservatore's post and the rule 12.6 it's contradictory. Lootboy to be able to put the codes in their page they must have made an agreement with Fragoria, who could have told them to, at least, specify not to use more than 1 code.
A few years ago there was a bug in the programming of the game where you could duplicate items, without a limit, well, people received an appropriated punishment, 1 year of block account because they broke a rule that they knew and was in the forum and Terms and Conditions, but in this case it has been 3 years when we didn't even know about that kind of rules.
With this I don't want to criticize your decisions, that's something you must decide because it's your game, but on top of that you have many players who has paid money and they must be treated properly. We saw someone was blocking everyone and nobody explained us what was happening. If we broke a rule we want to know which ones and where it is said, because in the rules I mentioned before it's very clear what they want to say and which ones doesn't exist. A rule is not something to be interpreted depending on the situacion, a rule must be something clear.
Finally, I'll talk about myself: I have been so many years in the game and I can prove I have spent thousands of euros to improve and never used a bug because of the consecuences, with this I mean many os us only used the codes because we were sure it was legal, nowhere it was said otherwise, I would never risk so much money and time for anything, and many other players are in this sittuation.
I beg you to reconsider all this, and try to find a better solution at least. We are very few nowadays in this comunity we have created for such a long time, we all want to feel we are part of it, not a simple number or buyer.
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