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Default Chat Etiquette and Rules

Chat Rules

These rules apply to the following chats:
  • global
  • near
  • private
  • alliance
and in some cases, also to friends chat.
The guild chat is not affected.

Each player is responsible for maintaining compliance, and for informing others about these rules.
Players should also obey the rules of Netiquette.

The Global Chat is designed for game-related questions, general communication between players, trading items, and requesting assistance (like technical problems and/or payment issues). Some casual discussions not directly related to the game, but involving the players in the discussion are permitted.
  • Conversations between two players should have adequate length.
  • Discussion of several players should run objectively and calmly.
  • Questions of other players should be acknowledged, and if necessary, answered before continuing another topic.

Part 1: Language, Expression, and Behaviour in Chats

Only English and the server’s national language are permitted in regulated chats.
Other languages ​​are punishable under repeated use with appropriate measures.

You may search for a guild in global chat every 20 minutes. You may repeat any other requests in global chat after a minimum of 10 minutes.

The following expressions and statements (even if referenced as innuendos) are not permitted in any chats (except friends, guild, and private chat with limitations) and are punishable by appropriate measures:
  • Short and repeated lines (3+) in the global and near Chat: like: aaa / aaaaaaa / qwerty
  • Promotion of alcohol, drugs, and other related substances
  • Harassment/sexual harassment (killing in PvP areas is not harassment)
  • Racist statements (also applies in private/alliance chat)
  • Political slogans and statements (also applies in private/alliance chat)
  • Verbal abuse, insults, defamation of players / guilds / religion / nation and any other group of people (also applies in private/alliance/and in extreme events, friends chat)
  • Denigration of player and/or guild name (also applies in private/alliance chat)
  • Provocations in global chats
  • Disputes in global chats
  • Advertising of other games similar to Fragoria
  • External Links (except pictures or videos related to Fragoria, but nothing offensive)
  • External Links with content not appropriate by the rules or not allowed by national law for children
  • Account trading /sharing credentials
  • Revealing real names or other private informations about other players / moderators / game administration
  • Begging for gold / emeralds / resources and anything from the game content, including requesting contacts with game administration different from official communicating channels

Part 2: Moderators

The moderators monitor compliance with the rules in global/near chat and punish violations with appropriate measures.
  • Game-related problems and rules violations are reported to the moderators via private chat.
  • Moderators are not obliged to use any other communication means to contact players other than the game chats
  • You are obligated to help with moderator tasks.
  • Follow the instructions of the moderators unconditionally and without contradiction.
  • Discussions on decisions of moderators are not permitted.
  • It is not permitted to use names that are used by the moderatorsb or names that are provocative or offensive.
If you are unsure, please inquire before creating a new char.

Part 3: Spam

The following shall be considered as spam and punished accordingly:
  • The use of more than 3 identical consecutive characters: like aaa I want to sell ….
  • Capitalized letters in global or near chats
  • Posting mass amounts of items at once (post different items every 10 minutes)
  • Posting same item more than once in one line
  • More than 2 lines of white and green weapons/armor

Part 4: Punishments

As punishments, chat ban, jail, account blocks are available.

For violating rules, the Moderator is responsible for selecting the appropriate punishment and duration.
  • The type and duration of action depends on the nature of the violation, and the player's previous behaviors.
  • Measures and duration will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Using a second account to evade rules/punishments is prohibited and will result in account or IP ban.
  • Some insults via friends/guild/ally chat will be punished in extreme cases.

Punishments are divided into three categories:
  • light - example transgressions: begging, non-offensive spam, flood,
  • moderate - example transgressions: provocative and/or behaviour against players of guilds, insulting, vilifications, defamations, slenderizing,
  • severe - example transgressions: revealing of personal data, including: real names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, logins, passwords, IP addresses, PIN numbers, social security numbers and other data that will help to establish the players’ identity or revealing his/her other personal goods like addresses of properties, automobiles (any numbers and characteristic features: car numbers), health state, family state, and other matters; any acts against the law imposed in player’s country, especially: against race, sex, religion, nations, ethnic groups, languages, physical or mental disabilities, illnesses and other preferences when revealed may be found the law breakage; revealing any credentials - especially full credentials to the game or email/forum, communicating programmes of any player; any acts aiming at promoting drugs/alcohol consumption, sexual behaviours, violence, politics and other behaviour that is not widely accepted.

According to the categories, bans are categorized in 3 steps.
  • first step is administered for the first violation
  • second step for the second violation in the same category, for the same player
  • the third step for all future violations.

In extreme cases, if a player has a history of previous violations, a higher category of punishments can be applied to him/her.
The punishments, in the discretion of the moderator, may be applied as follows:
  • light punishments:
    *1 h (hour/s/), 2 h, 5 h
  • moderate punishments
    *1 D (day/s/), 3 D, 5 D
  • severe punishments
    *10 D, 30 D, 360 D or lifetime/IP ban/block/jail as well

Punishments may be canceled during the time of duration by higher rank moderator from the same server and/or administration Representative - such request has to be reported via the server’s support email, or private chat, with proofs that supports the original punishment may be incorrect.
Punishment can be also shortened or extended (in extreme cases, even after the period of the first punishment has ended) by moderator with higher rank from the same language server, if first punishment was wrongly applied or a player continues to break the Rules using the same account, and in the same way.

October 23, 2014 Edition
Rules are subject to change without notice. Please check back periodically so you are up to date with any future changes.

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