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Default New Year's 2014 Event

New Year's 2014 Event Consists of Two Parts:

Part I

Same New Year's event from last year. All quests are the same, just new
dates so you can get set of achievements. Click here for last year's event wiki.

Part I will start Dec 25.

Part II

Room of Terror will open, a new level 70+ single-player dungeon. To complete
it you will have to defeat 100 waves of monsters. Monster parameters will
depend on your class and level.

Room of Terror will be available from Dec 27.
Entrance: Fragotown (-131, -9)

When you complete certain waves - you will get achievements and some nice
rewards, including a new pet - Two-headed dragon! The new dragon will have
GRs up to 23, and 13 in stamina. It can be fed lesser pets to improve it's GR.

You must finish all achievements in the Victory Over Terror section, except for two:
Terror Seeker (complete event as top-20)
Terror Exterminator (complete event as top-5)

Important: you will not be able to use regular potions in this dungeons, but
only special wells located in the room.
Well of Power - increases attack
Well of Life - increases life and mana

Also, killing monsters in Room of terror will give characters level 70-79
experience points.

-EN Team

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