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Default Update 25.09.14 : Random Chests

Dear Players !

Random chests of 2 types will appear in different places of Fragoria:

1st type: Mysterious Chest:

  • Can be open without additional tools or key, it takes 10 seconds ( if during this time you are attacked by a character or monster - opening resets).
  • After you open the chest you will see standart reward form with 3 regular options ( same as in mini-games) :
  1. Free option will give you 10 gold and with some chance - 15 signs of hero or 200 emeralds.
    Choosing one of non-free options you get more gold, signs and emeralds and also a chance to get additional reward: profession tools, ammunition, potion sets, purple chance gems etc,
  2. For 1500 emeralds you get 4 items,
  3. For 4000 - 6 items.

2nd type Solid Chest:
  • Can be open only with special Titanium lockpick, which can be recieved from Banshee loot or purchased in the shop.
  • If you have the lockpick you can open the chest and get same 3 options of reward:
  1. In free option you will also get tools, catalysts and pet food, also you get 4 items here.
  2. In 1500 emeralds option - 5 items, including reforging gems and purple resources.
  3. For 4000 emeralds - 6 items, including Runes and parts of the bike.
  • Lockpick disappeares once you choose the reward.

Fragoria Team

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