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Default Update: Alliance, Weddings, Immortal


Today, we'd like to announce a full-scale update for the alliance system.

Time: App. 6:00 Server Time
30-40 Minutes (Game will be offline)

I. No More "War Declarations"!
From now on, alliance members can enter territories of any other alliance if level difference of alliances is +/-1. You can attack buildings and characters at any time. Building damage rules (f.e. Night Protection) is still active. Buildings will not drop resources, gold, or signs any more, so your alliance doesn't lose anything when attacked. War is over during alliance war restart (Monday) if the Kremlin was destroyed at any point before the restart. On Monday night, war schedule restarts, all buildings that were destroyed including walls and towers get restored with 40% HP.
II. While at War, Alliance Members Receive Individual War Reputation:
  • Killing character on enemy territory - 5 points
  • Killing character on friendly territory - 10 points
  • Destroying a wall - 3 points
  • Destroying a tower - 5 points
  • Destroying a catapult or a ram - 5 points
  • Destroying any main building - 100 points
  • When you get points - your alliance gets same amount of points. Cumulative alliance points do not get deducted.
  • Personal war reputation can be deducted if :
  • You die on enemy territory - 2 points.
  • For every PK-death. Amount of points deducted is equal to PK points gained.
Also, character's death does not grant any points to the killer if this character was killed 3 times within the last 4 minutes.

After an alliance gets certain amount of points it gets access to new upgrades and items in an Alliance shop. Personal alliance war points allows players to purchase items from this shop as well. Alliance ratings can be seen in the Kremlin or in Status tab of the alliance menu. Individual alliance war points can be seen in the glory tab of the character menu.

III. Defensive Structures and War Machines Can Be Upgraded
To upgrade you will need alliance points, gold and alliance resources. Every fortification can upgraded independently. Also, a fortification can be deleted - refunding 25% of it's price.
IV. Tower Upgrades
  • 2nd Upgrade Damage: 15 000 - 25 000
    • Attack Range: 10 Cells
  • 3rd Upgrade Damage:35 000 - 45 000
    • Attack Range: 10 Cells
  • 4th Upgrade Damage: 55 000 - 65 000
    • Attack Range: 11 Cells
  • 5th Upgrade Damage: 75 000 - 85 0000
    • Attack Range: 11 Cells
Towers can be built within inner island's area, except for 10x10 cell radius around Secret Passage exit.
V. Guardian Towers Can Be Created in the Kremlin
Increasing HP, repairing and building is similar to regular tower.
Actually, these tower are spots where Guardians spawn. If an enemy appears within 20 cells from the tower - 8 guards spawn (4 warriors and 4 archers), which start chasing the target. If no enemies appear within 20 cells radius from the tower for 10 minutes - guard disappears. If tower's HP is 0% - it doesn't spawn guards. Every guard has a 60% damage absorption bonus. Every 20 seconds guards restore 20% of maximum HP.
Guards can be upgraded, which affects level, HP and damage of the guard, damage depends on target and amount of damage for warriors is lower than for archers:
1st level:
HP: 180 000
Level: 70
2nd level.
HP: 230 000
level: 75.
3rd level.
HP: 300 000
Level: 80
4th level.
HP: 360 000
Level: 85
VI. War Machines Can Also Be Upgraded
1. 2nd level:
HP: 7 200 000.
Damage: 320.
2. 3rd level:
HP: 7 800 000.
Damage: 420.
3. 4th level:
HP: 8 600 000.
Damage: 580.
1. 2nd level:
HP: 1 500 000.
Damage: 200.
Attack range 10 cells.
2. 3rd level:
HP: 2 000 000.
Damage: 280.
Attack range: 10 cells.
3. 4th level.
HP: 2 800 000.
Damage: 360.
Attack range: 11 cells.
Machines that were already created and delivered to alliance's storage are not improved with update.*
After the production is upgraded every next war machine created will have increased characteristics.
VII. New NPC in Alliance Lands, (28/-229)
That NPC sells alliance items of following types:
1. Potions that increase damage you deal to buildings
2. Resurrection scroll and mass resurrection scroll
3. A buff that increases chance to get improved resources when collecting them
4. A buff that increases amount of resources gained when collecting

2 more items will be added in approximately 10 days:

A wedding suit and a unique mount that gives his owner a new active ability.
VIII. New Achievement - Immortal
Requires 80000 personal alliance war points. Character that has this achievement accomplished has a 30% chance to resurrect without any help.
-EN Team

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