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Fixing update (3.2.15540) September 09, 2011

Dear Players

Tonight the server will have a fixing update during which the server will be temporarily down.

List of fixes:

1. Fixed adding new players to the game that has not enough players.
2. In PVP game's scoring form, the last column will now show the reward in badges instead of scores
3. Nuts will no longer visible in CW
4. Fixed some problems that caused game not starting/ending
5. If an item is upgraded to certain + strength, then reforged to max stats and that item happen to fail to upgrade to its next + strength.. It will retain its max stats till its previous improved/upgrade level.
eg. An item improved to +4
Reforged its stats to max
On attempt to improve it to +5 - fails
-----> The item will stay max at 0 till +4

6. PvP-games will receive achievements
7. Removing the option of buying brass badges from pasture hunters
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