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Genius Mind
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Default 71+ (Prison of Ancient God) Event


This event is specific to our lovely High-level characters.
Its an opportunity to get the perfect item as a reward.

During the coming weekends (Saturday and Sunday; 8-9 June) collect most items from bosses in 71+ dungeon (Prison of Ancient Gods).

3 players who collect the most loot from bosses will get purple items of their choice.

You can choose:
- Slot (Weapon, robe, helmet, etc; Hauberk, cloth, etc)
meaning they can choose:
- Stat (pure stamina or agility + stamina etc)
- Bonuses but only if they can exist on such an item)
- Level

Note: Items will in +0 state and non-reforged.

Time: Starting from 00.01 (8th) untill 23.59 (9th)
Location: Prison of Ancient Gods

Good luck!
Fragoria Team


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