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Default 86+ Stats, Purple Books, Easter, and More!


There will be an update tonight with the following changes:

1. Fixed amount of stats for character levels 86+. Correct values are:
86, 87, 88, 89 levels - 280 stats per level
90, 91, 92, 93 level - 560 stats per level
This is a total amount distributed between characteristics according to class
2. Alliance war will only end if some building is destroyed. It will not end if some building was damaged from previous war
3. Added pages to bank and bag. They can be purchased for emeralds.
4. For Signs of Noblemen that you get for kills in Holy War, you will be able to purchase purple books (which are binded).
5. Changed Idols time on Wednesday (moved beginning to 20:00 server time).
6. Easter Event launched.

Good Luck!
-EN Team

P.S. This weekend is Holy War in mail.ru servers! The following weeks will be EU's turn for Holy War!

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