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Default Client Update and Browser Info


New Client Now Available!
It features new x64 architecture and based on Chrome instead of IE. If you have an older version of the client, it will not autoupdate.

You must reinstall in a different directory entirely, or delete the previous versions completely before you install the new client. Do this by finding and deleting the "Fragoria" folder from these directories:
C:\Program Files\
C:\Program Files (x86)\

Click here to download new client:
For Yahoo/AddictingGames/Subagames and Other Browser Users
By default Google Chrome downloads and installs the x32 browser version on your computer. It has very limited memory, so it might adversely affect your game play. Using the x64 version will smooth a lot of the graphics the game requires.

Click here for the x64 browser:
For Old 32-Bit Computers
If the client linked above does not work, you might have a 32-bit computer. Use the following link:
Good Luck!

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