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Default Avoiding Getting Killed in PvP Zones


When you die in fragoria, you are presented with two options: 1) resurrect back in town, or 2) resurrect next to the resurrector. However, there is a third option: 3) you can cancel the resurrection screen and your character will continue to walk through Fragoria as a ghost until you either find your body or return to the resurrector for the above two options. If you decide to return to your body, you will have the option to resurrect right next to your dead body. This is advantageous because other players cannot follow your "ghost" since it is invisible. Unfortunately, you will start with 0 health, but since regeneration will be boosted the first several seconds, and because you will be invincible as well, this is still a useful method of resurrection.

Mobility Elixirs

These can be crafted with the "Forest Ranger and Alchemist" NPC's (Fragoville, Fragotown, Frost Town), and will give your character a great boost in movement speed so that you can escape most dangers. Unfortunately, personal experience has revealed these also work well in catching prey...

Know Your Surroundings

Obviously, if you click your near chats and see a level 60+ player there, then you must take proper actions, such as securing your resources in bank or sending them to an alternate character via post.

Transport Scrolls

There are town-transport scrolls you can use to automatically transport your character back to town. However, there is a restriction preventing transport scroll functionality when you are burdened with resources. In other words, transport scrolls will not work if you have resources in your bag.

Item Upgrades

Although this section is somewhat less helpful if you are being stalked by a level 60+ player, items are an important part when facing same-level opponents. Consider upgrading your gear to +2 before using any chance gems since there is a significant drop in success rating when attempting to upgrade to +3.

Other Tasks

There is a myriad of other tasks for you to accomplish in Fragoria, even when excluding quests/accomplishments. If you cannot accomplish your current task, try some of these:
1) Kill bosses of Green Dungeons. These are private instances, meaning other players cannot enter the same dungeon as yours until you invite into the same group.
2) Collect resources elsewhere. Green resources are available in most maps. Furthermore, Blue resources are also available in Green Dungeons, which (as was mentioned previously) are private instances.
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