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Default Update: New Orange Items


There will be an update tomorrow 5-6 am with the following features:
1. Maximum durability of orange, purple and golden items will not decrease any more.

2. Changed logic of click on a party member. Now menu will only open when you click the avatar, if you click the rest (actually HP bar) you will just target the character. That is made to make healing easier.

3. Starting tomorrow, and for 2 days, as a Jackpot in the Wheel of fortune, you can win Lucky Tickets. Lucky ticket can be used to purchase new orange items (armor, boots, and cape). Please note that these items are only available in the range of levels 30-68 (no shield yet). You cannot level these items higher or lower than that.
There are several types of items available for purchase, designed for different classes.

4. Legend of Fragoria will be active for limited times temporarily:
Monday, Wednesday: 10.00-13.00; 17.00-19.00
- EN Team

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