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Default new spell books for wizzard

Hallo all mighty devs,
i'm wondering why you made those new spell books for lvl 70+ when half of them are useless and 1/3 is worse then the old purple books.
Wrath of heaven, better healing and radiance are ok- they are really better then the old ones, but there is the thing better healing its almost impossible to be craft (i had crafted more then 100 purple books from the old ones and never get better healing and life restoration), and i'm sure its the same with the other servers because when we have to choose purple spell books as reward from last storm over europe almost all players asked for better healing lvl1!!!!
Full restore-whats the use of that book when you have it from mirror items and it always heals max health and mana?
Life restoration-lvl4 have instant cast and 2sec reload time, when you put lvl5, lvl6 and lvl7 cast time is 2sec, amount of healed health is less and there is 10sec heal like regeneretion spell, other thing is that from mirror items that spell have 15sec reload time wich is the greatest crap that can be!!!
Of course someone will say now you need more spirit and you will heal more, ok but i learned 3 new levels of the spell and it heals less so come on......, or let me know please when better healing its so hard to be found * ( btw thats the last book that i need from the new ones so its hard to get it even from the new recipes), wich one will be the instand heal for wizzards when you scrued life restoration, first with mirror item (its better for me to heal myself every 2sec with 20k then the mirror item 20% less dmg, when the dmg chars are makeing me 70k dmg per hit and after absorb its 50-60k and they can hit me 3 times before i can cast life restoration again)and second time from new books that made it cast time 2sec wich make it almost impossible to be cast.

Same thing with general regeneration-3new levels and after learning them the spell heals less then before and you have to put a lot of spirit to your char to see the diffrence wich probably will be very small, at least the cast time and the reload time are decreased so the situation with this spell its not so bad.
Curing-who use that spell anyway?
Regeneration-same thing, very rear use of the spell and less healing after 3 new lvls.

And please put some info of the changes that the new books are doing to the spells so players will know what to expect, specaly the changes that mirror items are doing to spells because they change cast time and reload times of spells to other classes too!!!
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