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Talking event


isnt it a bit unfair for the lvl 70 players that they need get those straps vs the lvl 90 players i was more thinking about a ranking for the lvls and the reward wil get a bit decreased
lvl 30-70
lvl 71-80
lvl 81-90
i understand cuz the lvl 90 just can kill the lvl 85 ppl but those lvl 85 chars killed very much ppl and they got a better military ranking so its a lil bit undfair for the lvl 70 chars i think many doesnt even play take part to the event cuz they know they cant win against the lvl 80+

and if ppl win why they can try to win again ?... idk but maybe its just someoen killing his own chars ... and they win so pls think about the ranking cuz this event need be fun for all not for the ppl that only pay money in the game
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