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Default Pastures, Victory Day, New Dungeon and Rage Dragon. Update 07.05.15

Dear Fragorians !
Tonight was huge and excellent update :

1. Pastures are back.

Pastures are available with different level ranges :


NPCs with rewards will be near the entrance.
After 10.05 this NPCs will also offer unique weapon as a reward.

2. On 09.05-16.05 we will run a Victory Day event.

Also Gold of Skyths event will be on.

Except for regular scroll for Agar's tomb, Satyrs will also drop one of the following:
- 50 signs of Hero
- 50 signs of Commander
- 20 signs of Kings
- 40 signs of Noblemen
- 2500 emeralds

Victory day event is actually a quest for 100 Medals of hero, items that can be also collected on pastures. For this quest you can get a chest with random reward.

Other opportunity is to purchase new mount:
Rage dragon, that can carry up to 2500 kg, speed - 220, and additional bonus of 10% damage booster upon knock-off for 7 sec.

It will cost 100 Medals and 110000 Gold of Skyths.
Also Crimson gems will be available.

3. Red Dungeon Castle Pantry in Western lands (25,-159) is available.

4. Fixed several bugs
- saving Alliance upgrades
- regeneration effect of Lifespring food will not disappear upon death of pet
- some others

Have Fun !
Fragoria US Team
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