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Default New Face of Fragoria - Idols and Castles ( April 13, 2011 )

Heroes of fragoria, come together in games to test your valor and strength!

...but beware, these games are unlike any you've ever seen...

The Idols game and The Castle game (2 parts).

Since you already know most things about The Castle, I will tell you a bit more about The Idols.
The game is a cross-server experience and on each server there will be a new location - The Temple.
In Carawan Way we added special gates that allow you to enter The Temple from any server.

The game will consist of 2 stages:

Stage 1 begins at 20:00 Server Time, on Mondays.
In Carawan Way an idol will spawn every 5 minutes (10 idols total).
Your goal is to take these Idols to your own server and put them into the Temple.
The player that installs the most Idols will receive1000 gold. When the Idols are installed, certain bonuses are granted to all players on the server.
The following bonuses are available:
5-10-15% of received gold;
5-10-15% of maximum HP level;
5-10-15% of received experience;
5-10-15% of mana and HP regeneration speed;

Stage 2 is active on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 18:00 to 24:00. During this time in Carawan Way there will be an active waypoint allowing you to go to any server. If you enter via the waypoint, you will appear at the far end of The Temple of the selected server. In the Temple there are 3 gates - you have to break all 3. Each hit will deal only 1 damage point, unless bombs or rams are used. When you break all the gates, the entrance to the Temple opens and their idols can be taken. Of course, defenders from that server will be ready to stop you.
On Saturday, all Idols disappear from Temples and respawn in Carawan Way.

On Sunday at 20:00 we launch The Castle (original version). Winners will receive horse scrolls and the right to represent the server in The castle-2. Only 1 party per server can enter the game.
Guildmaster of the winner guild gathers a group (15 people max) and uses the waypoint to the game. Right at this moment he and members of his group are transferred to the preparation location of the game.
Every player who takes part in The Castle-2 receives Orange Badges (amount depends on the placement you take in the game). These badges can be exchanged for items of the highest quality - orange.
So, there will be a new PvP-cycle to Fragoria. On Mondays you have to grab as many Idols as possible. During the week we are trying to defend your own Idols and capture as much as possible from rivals’ Temples. On Sunday we choose the most powerful guild which then goes to The Castle-2 to fight for Orange items. Bonuses from Idols also work in cross-server locations.

Launch date is scheduled for the beginning of June..
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