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Default Update 27.10.2010

1. Carawan way is a cross-server location.
2. Bonuses for pet's sets are now working.
3. New tarif is available. Now there is only one tariff and it's price is 15000 emeralds. Everyone who had tariffs now have a new one.
4. Resurrection system changed - resurrection at place of death isn't available any more.
5. PK-drop turned off.
6. New traders with temporary items added at Carawan way.
7. Insurance removed from the game.
8. Item reforging and level changing added to the game.

Level change

Now you can change item's level. To make it you need a special level changing stone, currently available in shop.
Level changing is available in the same form as upgrade and crafting.
Level changing can, for example, turn you Military wand into Perfect wand. It saves uprgade level, characteristics and so on.

Reforging allowes to add parameters to you items. For example, you received an item with stamina and you see that you can get more stamina on it (will be shown in item form). You can get more stamina on it with reforging strone and stamina reforging stone. Reforging is also available in Upgrade/Crafting form.
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