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Default New Crafting System 21.11.2010

We are proud to announce new crafting system!

Following crafting skills will be added to game:

1. Jeweler: creates rings, amulets and ear-rings.
2. Beast master: creates everything for pets: keys, cocoons of certain pets, food, Veles potion, slot opening potions and many other things.
1. Alchemist: creates potions.
2. Witcher: creates reforging gems, arrows, shirts and books.

Each profession has following level:

1. Trainee can collect resources or create items of green quality
2. Apprentice can collect resources or create items of blue quality
3. Handworker can collect resources or create items of golden quality
4. Craftsman can collect resources or create items of purple quality

Getting a profession:

Profession receiving quests will be removed from the game. Instead of it you can get a profession from a special NPC or in a skill window.

Developing a profession:

1. Producing professions: skill is developed with the help of a special item that you can purchase in Shop or create from resources of your profession.
2. Harvesting professions: by gathering resources or with a special item from Shop.

Obtaining items:

• To create green item you need 1 type of resource
• To create blue item you need 2 types of resources, that can be collected on locations
• To create golden and purple items you need 3 types of resources.
• Two can be collected on locations, 1 can be received for daily quest.
• Each profession has own resource received from daily quests.
• Items creation doesn’t require Improving gems or any other items from Shop.
• To create an item you need a receipt
• Receipt may require a certain player’s level
• Receipt requires certain profession and skill level
• Receipt greater then green requires certain location to be used
• As a result of crafting in most cases you receive a chest, containing an item
• Item in chest depends on character that opens it to fit his level and class
• Item from chest becomes immediately binded to the person who opened it
• Quality of item defines quality of resources needed to craft a chest – purple resources for purple item chest and so on.


• All resources can be bought in shop.
• Resources can be found on locations depending on quality. Green ones – on PvE locations, purple – on Carawan Way.

You can abandon a profession for a certain amount of emeralds and get another one. You will need to develop your new profession from the very beginning.

Changing crafting system:

New crafting system will have new resources. All existing resources and recipes will be removed from the game. That’s how it will be:
From 23.11 for 2 weeks we will put a new NPC that will be selling existing white resources for gold. Also existing recipes will be available. This is time for you to finish crafting all items you wanted.
In 2 weeks (by 7.12) existing crafting system will be totally removed from the game.
Craft Guild reputation will be also removed from the game. All players who have this reputation will receive new producing profession of corresponding level.

UPDATE as of Dec 1, 2010

The new crafting system is delayed until December 15th. Until then, all crafting will remain the same as is.

Furthermore, the NPC with old resources and old recipes will be available for 2 weeks after the new crafting system is launched.

- - -

UPDATE as of Dec 15, 2010

The new crafting system is delayed until Monday, December 20th.
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